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Rhino Wine Cellars are custom made for private wine collectors, restaurants and wine shops around the world. Our sales consultants will design your cellar with our free CAD service. Our racking is made to meet your highest expectations. We offer high end cabinet grade wine racking, along with our very popular classic custom product line.


In addition, we have cooling systems, cellar doors, tabletops, flooring and lighting. Rhino is referred by the finest home builders, architects, and interior designers.

Sauna Specifications For Architects/Contractors


Framing of walls and ceiling shall be of dry Douglas Fir, construction grade no.1 or 2, 16" center. Use pressure treated plates (against concrete). For metal studs line room with 5/8” plywood or apply 1x2 wood nailing strips over 5/8” drywall.

Ceiling shall be 7' 0" from finished floor to bottom of ceiling joists (16" center). If higher ceiling is desired do not make ceiling over 8’ 0” high or heat at bench levels will be ineffective for proper bathing.

Door shall be roughed in at 26" x 82" and must open out. Unfinished Sauna door is to be treated at jobsite with clear wood sealer. ADA door rough opening is 38 1/2” x 82” (if necessary).

Insulation of walls and ceiling shall be of R13 fiberglass batts (R19 if 2x6 framing is used). Unfaced or kraft paper faced insulation types are both acceptable.

Sauna Interior Drywall shall be 5/8" firewall (if necessary). The preferred method is to attach Sauna wood paneling directly to the wood stud frame. Check local building codes in your area to determine if drywall must be installed inside the Sauna room.

Added Vapor Barrier shall be of Type C building foil over insulation (or drywall) for all walls and ceiling. The foil is the last layer before the paneling is installed.

Flooring shall be hard surfaced, waterproof such as concrete, ceramic tile, or heavy-duty seamless vinyl.

Floor Drain is recommended for new construction and is essential for commercial and public Saunas.

Exterior Walls shall be of drywall, paneling, tile, etc. and exterior painting, door finishing, etc. shall be provided by others.

Fire Sprinkler is required for most large commercial Saunas and for some larger residences (check local building codes). If fire sprinkler is necessary sprinkler head shall be set for 275°F or higher and should not be located directly over the Sauna heater.

(Must be licensed and bonded)

Rough-in for Sauna wall controls, heater, and room light(s)--shall be as per Finlandia wiring diagram (provided with control box or in heater box)

Hookup of controls, heater, and light(s) shall be as per Finlandia wiring diagram. Leave about 3 feet of wire at heater location where wire exits stud wall and enters Sauna room. Seal-tight flexible conduit is used to connect to the heater. Use COPPER WIRES ONLY.


Walls and Ceiling shall be 1"x 4" select, certified, kiln-dried (moisture content not exceeding 11%) T&G, v joint, clear 1"x 4" Western Red Cedar, clear 1"x 4" Redwood, clear 1"x 4" Alaska Yellow Cedar, or clear 1"x 4" Western Hemlock. All boards shall be blind nailed with 5p galvanized, hot dipped nails, or power stapled with galvanized 1 1/2” long x 1/4” crown staples.

The following specs shall include and match one of the four woods chosen above:

Benches shall be clear S4S kiln-dried 2"x 2" tops with 3/8" spacing and 2"x 4" facing; glued and fastened with exposed nails countersunk. Bench tops shall be fastened from bottom to eliminate exposed metal.

Door shall be  2' 0"x 6' 8" of Douglas Fir rails and clear hermetically sealed, double glass, tempered (16"x 60") with casing, jamb, and threshold of Hemlock. Door does not have a finish (to be treated at jobsite).

Door Hardware shall be (3) 4"x 4" chrome butt hinges, chrome roller catch, and (2) wooden door pulls.

Vents shall be (2) 4"x 10" louvered V10 for upper wall placement and lower wall placement. RO = 4” x 10”.

Removable Flooring shall be Super Dek interlocking 12” x 12" x 1/2” plastic tiles (sanitary, non-skid surface in terra cotta or tan color) over walking area of base floor.

Light shall be wall-mounted, vapor-proof Progress P5511, satin finish cast aluminum, rated for 100 watts.

Sauna Heater shall be FINLANDIA model as per cubic room footage and voltage requirements.

Heater Fence shall be of 2"x 2" or 2"x 4" and shall be placed 2 1/2" away from Sauna heater.

Temperature Control/Contactor

Accessories listed in accessory section of the site.

Stones shall be a peridotite, heat tested, igneous type from Finland.

Precut and Prefab Saunas shall be as per specifications.

Warranty shall be 1 yr. on room materials and workmanship and 5 yr. limited warranty on Sauna heaters when installed according to Finlandia specifications and wiring information.

Finlandia Sauna heaters and rooms require minimum care and maintenance. Basic household methods, including cleaning of Sauna room floor with a product such as Pine Sol or Simply Green, and occasional scrubbing of benches with a mild soap, is necessary for sanitary and odor-free atmosphere. When wood becomes dark or stained from perspiration, a light sanding will help to restore its beautiful appearance. Do not use sealers, paint or varnish on interior wood, as toxic vapors could be dangerous in the high temperatures of a Sauna.

NOTE: When figuring room capacities for number of bathers, allow 2' of bench space per person.
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