• Improves circulation

  • Sweat out toxins & impurities from the body

  • Relieves allergies & sinus congestion

Benefits of Saunas
Modular Sauna Packages

Modular sauna rooms are free-standing structures that can be assembled in any existing interior space.  Packages indlude: insulated Western Red Cedar panels for the walls and eiling, benches, flooring, sauna heater, door, and sauna accessory package.

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Custom Pre-Cut Sauna Packages

Pre-cut sauna rooms are installed into any pre-framed and insulated space in your home. The package includes Western Red Cedar material for the walls and ceiling, benches, flooring, sauna heater, door, and sauna accessory package.

About Rhino Saunas

  • Soothes and relaxes tired muscles

  • Helps to relieve mental fatigue

  • Increases metabolic rate

Our History & Expertise:


Doug Smith founded Rhino Wine Cellars & Saunas on the principles of strong customer service. Trained Rhino employees provide local on-site consulting using only the finest workmanship and materials. This unmatched one-on-one business model has allowed our designers to help thousands of satisfied customers.

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& Cooling Systems


Rhino Wine Cellars are custom made for private wine collectors, restaurants and wine shops around the world. Our sales consultants will design your cellar with our free CAD service. Our racking is made to meet your highest expectations. We offer high end cabinet grade wine racking, along with our very popular classic custom product line.


In addition, we have cooling systems, cellar doors, tabletops, flooring and lighting. Rhino is referred by the finest home builders, architects, and interior designers.

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